Fiery Foods Festival

fiery food festival


The Fiery Foods Festival is an outdoor food festival featuring spicy-hot cuisine and ice cold drinks, admission is free. Local Chefs will prepare spicy, fiery and blazing hot foods in sample-sized portions so you can try a large variety without breaking the bank. This event is fun for the whole family with activities for kids and adults. There is an Activities Tent which offers Culinary Classes, a Junior Chef Competition and other family-friendly activities. If the kids have not built a tolerance for heat, there is a Kid’s Tent which offers junior portions of pizza, chicken tenders and other “kid favorites”. Live music is included, feel free to pull up a lawn chair, spread out a blanket or sit at one of the many tables available and enjoy the free entertainment.


Heat is measured using the Scoville Heat Scale. A Bell Pepper is 0 units of heat on this scale, a Jalapeno Pepper is 2500-8000 units, a Habanero Pepper is 100K-350K and Pure Capsaicin (“cap-SAY-a-sin”) is 15-16 million units. All of the food will land somewhere between 2500-500,000 units. Most of the food will be on the lower end but there will be some near the top. Each booth will have a sign which indicates the heat level of the food.  None of the food will be prepared simply for heat without any flavor, we want you to enjoy the taste of everything you eat.